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Ever wonder what you and your car or truck could do on a timed 1/4 mile? At Cecil County Dragway, the opportunity awaits. In a safe environment where our trained and experienced staff can assist you. Who knows? Maybe you'll be the next John Force or Shirley Muldowney. There's only one way to rock, Cecil County Dragway!

Outlaw Street Car Shootout

2015 Nostalgia Drag

2016 Junior Dragster News

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Mid-Atlantic Shootout

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2016 - 2017 SUNDAY POINTS

RankCar #DriverPoints
11211Derrick Fox41
2L122Mike Morris 35
31331Karl Stephenson26
4T143Barry Sauder26
5X101Bob Murphy Jr26
6183BBrock Moshier25
7126BChris Reynolds19
81095Austin Argoe15
91618Dale Crouch14
10152RAaron Stoker14
11C199David Coleman12
12C159Erica Coleman12
13EX17Glenn Reese12
14X95Cody Absher12
151531Matthew Wilson III9
16146RRichard Fox9
17139XBrian Blittersdorf7
181706Hannah Blittersdorf7
19168XBucky Albright3
20130RJohn Richmond 2
Updated: 11/21/2016

RankCar #DriverPoints
1E130Butch Weinreich41
2F157Kevin Mendenhall36
3N177Steve Long34
4155MSteven McMillan33
5GX00Eric Tenney31
6C190John Crutchfield30
7R185Gary Simpers Jr.29
8E170Dave Raser28
9183BBrock Moshier28
1095Don Ryan27
111531Matthew Wilson III24
12T113Trish Witt24
130455Bud McNasby22
14721Glen Isom22
15147VMichael VanDenHeuval22
16R110Don Raser22
171204Matt Ricchezza22
18D151Roger Dalton Jr20
19K105Kevin Spencer20
20175Ray Williams Jr18
21A179Bob Hartnett18
221222Jeremy Stoker18
23189Alfred "Bo" Reaves Jr17
24T130Todd Thoman16
25172HRegan Fox16
26169BRay Barlow16
279Francis Biddle Jr.15
28105CJoanna Crouch14
29192GGary Culler11
301056George Swire Jr10
3159Bradley Chartier9
32X427Nicholas Coleman5
33Q198Joe Marino Sr.3
Updated: 11/21/2016

RankCar #DriverPoints
1E170Dave Raser40
2J121Jillian Weinreich32
3GX00Eric Tenney31
4D151Roger Dalton Jr30
5147VMichael VanDenHeuval29
6T128Charles Tenney28
7175Ray Williams15
8A137Ray Williams13
9C80Paul Costly13
101023Malcolm Cox1
Updated: 11/21/2016

RankCar #DriverPoints
11268Kevin Twardowski23
2H151Henry Charyk14
31056George Swire Jr11
41509John Eaddy 7
58860Aaron Vittorini3
6916Randee Waldbrunn2
Updated: 11/21/2016

RankCar #DriverPoints
11317Jenna Yarnall11
21372Nathan Mendenhall8
31167James Paylor4
Updated: 11/21/2016

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